We are at an Operational Pause due to COVID-19. More details here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


We are all in this together. Our Squadrons and Wings are currently at an ‘operational pause’, though we’re still here.


A message from our Director-General Air Force Cadets

  1. Direction ‐ After a review of the National situation all three cadet Service Programs (Australian Navy Cadets, Australian Army Cadet and the Australian Air Force Cadets) have agreed to suspension of all ADF Cadet face‐to‐face activities, including any International activities, until further notice. The cancelation includes all School Based Units activity, conducted internal to the school as part of normal curriculum. However, special program cadet unit activities endorsed by Service Chiefs may continue.
  1. Adult staff within the cadet organisations, where National, State and Territory COVID‐19 restrictions allow, can continue undertaking activities such as adult leader development courses and planning. Where possible this is to be in the form of online courses and virtual planning activities. We will continually review our position on Adult staff and reconsider as required by any changes in National responses to COVID‐19.
  1. Overview ‐ As COVID‐19 continues to have profound impacts on Australia the ADF Cadets have an obligation to focus on individual and family wellbeing.
  1.  First and foremost, the ADF Cadets can only help our communities if we are healthy. Take defensive personal protection measures seriously and ask your families to do the same. Where applicable strictly adhere to instructions about protective measures like isolation and quarantine. Your own individual actions help keep you well, prevent transmission and protect our communities and the health systems that support us.
  1. Stay informed of the risks, symptoms and the process for testing and reporting. If you suspect you have been exposed to COVID‐19 or have symptoms contact your local health system and advise your cadet chain of command. Immediately isolate yourself and help protect others.
  1. Already many of you will have started to feel the impact of school closures and the increasing controls on travel and social interaction. We want you to prepare for those controls to be increased even further. This is serious and these measures are vital to reduce the spread of this virus.
  1. As members of the ADF Cadets you may find yourself as role models in your family, with your friends and within your community. Upholding your Service Values at this time is an effective way of supporting your community.
  1. In this unfolding situation, there will be inevitable disruption to the way that we operate, and this may include the responsiveness of your ADF Cadets Headquarters and chains of commands. Please help us to help you by being mindful that Defence members who help the ADF Cadets programs operate may be called on to assist Defence’s wider commitment to the nation. We will do our best to keep you informed.
  1. Support ‐ As we meet the challenge of COVID‐19 we are acutely aware that for many of you this is a very stressful time. Should you or your families seek counselling support to deal with these stresses please contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Confidential, free of charge counselling support is available Defence Australian Public Servants (APS), Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reservists, ADF Cadets, Officers and Instructors of ADF Cadets, and their immediate families.
  1. The EAP helpline is 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327).
  1. Alternatively, ADF Cadets member may wish to contact Lifeline at 131114.
  1. Conclusion ‐ As ever, stay focused, stay composed, apply common sense, be respectful of others, exercise self‐discipline and be safe. Thank you for all that you are doing. Look after your community, your families and yourselves. We look forward to being together again at the end of these restrictions.

Gary Martin