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Group Captain (AAFC) Mark Dorward

Group Captain (AAFC) Mark Dorward

Group Captain (AAFC) Mark Dorward first became involved with the Australian Air Force Cadets more than 27 years ago, when he joined the then Air Training Corps (AIRTC) as a young Cadet.

His interest in aviation grew rapidly through Cadets where he learnt to fly, with his first solo flight taking place at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland, in 1993.

Mark progressed through the ranks, including promotion to the highest rank of Cadet Under Officer; and also won the coveted AIRTC National Flying Competition.

He credits the AIRTC for developing his aviation interest, passion and career success, and became an Instructor of Cadets to repay the organisation that had given him so much.

Over the years, Mark has served the Australian Air Force Cadets at Squadron level (including as Commanding Officer) and also at Wing Headquarters for North Queensland.   Throughout most of the past decade, he has successively received national appointments as Director of Aviation Training, Aviation Safety, and Aviation Operations.

Mark brings pertinent skills and considerable experience from his civilian flying career. Having started out teaching Cadets and others how to fly, he has pursued a career in general aviation and regional airline operations, logging more than 7,000 hours as a pilot, and enjoying a diverse range of flying experiences across Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

Mark's qualifications include training and checking commercial pilots, and holding approvals as a testing officer, check pilot and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) delegate.  In 2006, he completed a Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management from the University of New South Wales; and building on his keen interest in safety systems, he has had experience developing and implementing a safety management system. Mark's aviation management experience also includes roles as Head of Training and Checking, and Chief Pilot.

In 2010, Mark was appointed Managing Director of Hinterland Aviation, a diversified and successful aviation operation which includes low-capacity airline operations, Part 145 Engineering and a Part 42 Airworthiness control office.